Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Just purchased some new technology that will add some flair to my Blog.  Keep an eye out for some new stuff soon. 

Upcoming Event

In two weeks I will compete in my first race of the season.  I have opted to race on the pavement rather than dirt to get in a few more race miles in the legs.  The 2nd race of the Oregon Cup Series is the King's Valley RR held near Philomath, OR has a great course (lots of rollers) and a total length of 75 miles.  Looking at past results suggests that there will be a relatively strong field for the event.  The objective for the day will be to get in some hard riding without killing myself.  In other words, a controlled race-effort.  Ideally I would like to get in a break early to keep the HR/Power in the tempo zone.  Sitting in the pack all day will not accomplish this.   I am hoping to have my Power Tap wheel in time for the race to be able to look at the data and analyze the results.

For information about the race click here.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Training is coming along very well, as planned.  I've been starting to ramp things up a bit as far as mileage considering I started training later than normal.  With the winter-like weather hanging around here in Bend it takes a bit more motivation to get out and put in the time in the saddle.  Temps continue to hover in the 30-40's and winds average 20-30 on a daily basis...ugghhh! 
I have continued with strength training two days per week and will soon taper down to only one-day a week.  Main focus has been legs and core,  and using the TRX  makes it easy to isolate those areas and still feel like I am getting a full-body workout. 
With the added miles and strict diet lately I have reduced my weight down to near race-weight.  Training intensity will soon kick into high gear and the focus will not be to lose weight, but rather make strength gains.  Looking back on past training logs, my weight is down a few pounds.  I will be doing a LT Test later this week so it will be good to see how my power stacks up with the lower body weight.  As most cyclist are aware, increasing ones power-to-weight ratio is the ultimate sign of performance (at least in the lab).  No matter what the numbers show, it still takes some luck and smarts on the bike during the actual race to be successful.
Spring has officially arrived and that means one thing;  "The Classics" are beginning.  If you are fortunate enough to have the Versus Channel (or steephill.tv on your computer) you will want to watch these one-day European races.  By far the most exciting!   

Monday, March 14, 2011

Choice of music

Add this to your ITunes list and take with you on your next epic ride, it will surely get your HR up to Threshold

Friday, March 11, 2011


Went to go see this last night with the wife.  It was our "date night" .  It reminded me quite a bit of the days racing 24-hr solo mtb events.  This a dark look into the reality of competing in one of the toughest US events.  Well documented and some amazing scenery along the way.  If you are considering competing in this event, you might want to watch this trailer or see the movie in one of the select theatres first.  It is definitely an eye-opener, and gives you a good perspective on just how lonely it can be riding your bike for that long. 


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thinking of visiting Central Oregon?

If you plan to visit Central Oregon (Bend, Sisters, Sunriver, etc) then look no further than GoOregonGo.com
You will find short videos along with a map and website link for all your immediate needs (hotels, restaurants, bike/kayak rentals and much more).  The city of Bend offers many sporting events each year that offers many options to the sport-minded individual.  If you are planning to come to town for either the Cascade Cycling Classic, Masters Road Noationals, or MTB Marathon Nationals I highly encourage you to check out GoOregonGo.com 
If you like micro-brews, you'll want to check out the breweries category.  You will have plenty of options to choose from but I would suggest heading on over to Deschutes Brewery or 10 Barrel.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a joke

Just got this in my email Inbox the other day. 

We regret to inform you that we are unable to accept your application for the
2011 Leadville Trail 100 MTB race. In order to offer the nation’s highest quality athletic
experience with the utmost degree of safety, medical care, and racer support, we are
unable to accommodate every interested rider. We do not offer a waiting list, and are
unable to accept entries for 2012.

Not that I am overly disappointed (considering the lack of technical terrain) but it's funny how some (you know who i am talking about) get in at the last minute and others are rejected when registering the day the lottery opens.  Is this really a "lottery".  I don't know, but I have heard conflicting stories.

This was going to be my one shot at Leadville, so I guess now I can check that one off the list.  Much like the hyped up 24 Hours of Moab, these races don't do it for me.  I prefer the low-key, racer friendly type events.  You know, the ones that REALLY care about the quality of riding for the riders.  The ones that aren't really out to make money, but just put on a great race.  A great example is the Mohican 100 race in Ohio.  Probably one of the toughest 100-mile races, this event ranks as one of my favorite all-time events. 

So no hard feelings towards Leadville, it just sort of makes me laugh.  Have fun Levi, Lance, etc

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hold on there spring...

winter is not going anywhere just yet.  We here in Bend, OR were teased back in late January and early February with spring-like weather.  Everyone seemed to have that "buzz" that spring was just around the corner.  Well guess what padna, we were all fooled.  Unfortunately for some, and of course, fortunate for others, we have been getting several inches of snow for the past few weeks.  This has caused havoc among us cyclists of course, but has brought new life to those who call themselves skiers or boarders or "knuckle-draggers, or ...  The ski resorts have hope again and it sure seems like coffee sales have gone up (I just made that one up :)
Beginning in February I began my "official" training for the 2011 season.  Structure on the bike and more focus on the type of rides began to factor in.  I was even able to log several back to back to back 5 hour rides with a few 3 hour rides thrown in for fun.  However, it's time to put the bike on hold and begin a long overdue craving and do some skate skiing.  I have not yet been up skating once this winter and I have been itching to get up there.  So considering how the weather forecast looks this week, I am hitting the XC trails and enjoying winter while it lasts. 
I'm ready to log more miles in the saddle, but I can certainly wait until the weather has warmed up.  Besides, I enjoy being active in more activities as I grow old and there will definitely be enough time to get ready for the cycling season.  It will be a long season, no need to burn out in March ehh.
Now I just have to remember how to stay up on my skis.