Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hold on there spring...

winter is not going anywhere just yet.  We here in Bend, OR were teased back in late January and early February with spring-like weather.  Everyone seemed to have that "buzz" that spring was just around the corner.  Well guess what padna, we were all fooled.  Unfortunately for some, and of course, fortunate for others, we have been getting several inches of snow for the past few weeks.  This has caused havoc among us cyclists of course, but has brought new life to those who call themselves skiers or boarders or "knuckle-draggers, or ...  The ski resorts have hope again and it sure seems like coffee sales have gone up (I just made that one up :)
Beginning in February I began my "official" training for the 2011 season.  Structure on the bike and more focus on the type of rides began to factor in.  I was even able to log several back to back to back 5 hour rides with a few 3 hour rides thrown in for fun.  However, it's time to put the bike on hold and begin a long overdue craving and do some skate skiing.  I have not yet been up skating once this winter and I have been itching to get up there.  So considering how the weather forecast looks this week, I am hitting the XC trails and enjoying winter while it lasts. 
I'm ready to log more miles in the saddle, but I can certainly wait until the weather has warmed up.  Besides, I enjoy being active in more activities as I grow old and there will definitely be enough time to get ready for the cycling season.  It will be a long season, no need to burn out in March ehh.
Now I just have to remember how to stay up on my skis.

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