Monday, March 21, 2011


Training is coming along very well, as planned.  I've been starting to ramp things up a bit as far as mileage considering I started training later than normal.  With the winter-like weather hanging around here in Bend it takes a bit more motivation to get out and put in the time in the saddle.  Temps continue to hover in the 30-40's and winds average 20-30 on a daily basis...ugghhh! 
I have continued with strength training two days per week and will soon taper down to only one-day a week.  Main focus has been legs and core,  and using the TRX  makes it easy to isolate those areas and still feel like I am getting a full-body workout. 
With the added miles and strict diet lately I have reduced my weight down to near race-weight.  Training intensity will soon kick into high gear and the focus will not be to lose weight, but rather make strength gains.  Looking back on past training logs, my weight is down a few pounds.  I will be doing a LT Test later this week so it will be good to see how my power stacks up with the lower body weight.  As most cyclist are aware, increasing ones power-to-weight ratio is the ultimate sign of performance (at least in the lab).  No matter what the numbers show, it still takes some luck and smarts on the bike during the actual race to be successful.
Spring has officially arrived and that means one thing;  "The Classics" are beginning.  If you are fortunate enough to have the Versus Channel (or on your computer) you will want to watch these one-day European races.  By far the most exciting!   

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