Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pickett's Charge report and Video

Lots of people (over 250) showed up for the Pickett's Charge XC race on Sunday which also served as the RiverCity Oregon XC Series Final.   The trails on Sunday were quite dusty and dry which made it difficult at times to see the trail when riding behind someone.  By the end of the race everyone's face was covered in dust and it sounded like a hospital where everyone was caughing.  Good times!

Check out the race video.  This is on Funner Trail  during the first lap.  I was curretly in 4th at the time.
The race unfolded early with Sheppard attacking early during the start loop with myself, Ben T., Brig B., James W., and Brennan W. chasing.  Brig and Ben would each suffer a flat during the descent on the first lap.  At the bottom of the descent James, Brennan and I were joined by a charging Matt R.  We traded leads for the next 30-40  min.  before James eventually dropped back.  Matt and I continued to push the pace trying to catch Sheppard but it was too late.  We crossed the line 2.5 min behind Sheppard for 2nd and 3rd place followed by James W. a few minutes later.

Click here for full results

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