Saturday, June 25, 2011

Next up on the calendar...

Pickett's Charge XC held in Bend, OR.  Last year this race changed courses and moved to the new trail system built by COTA (Funner and Tiddlewinks).  The new trails connect with the Wanoga Sno Park area and make for some really sweet riding.  I would have to say these two trails make for the perfect race course.  It a combination of steep technical climbs, mixed with some technical rocky descents that is all 100% singletrack.  There are also several section of "passing lanes" where riders can choose to go right or left depending on skill (one side is longer but less techy, and the other side is shorter but more techy).   Check out the Race Flyer for full details.

The weather is supposed to be perfect (high 70's).  And I'm guessing there will be an all-star lineup of local talent considering most are in town this weekend. 

I will have my helmet cam on during the race so I will have some good footage to share.  Check back on Tues as I will have updates.

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