Sunday, July 10, 2011

HD Omnium RR

Today's road race was anything but exciting.  For the first 10-15 miles we were "cruising along".  When speeds began to pick up and some riders were "surging" it actually felt like a race.  There were several attempts by a few to get into a breakaway, but nothing every succeeded.  The course is a power course where there are some rolling hills and lots of flat sections.  As I said earlier, lots of surges but no real attacks, just enough to piss you off.  I attempted twice to join a group in an effort to get into a break, but same story. 

It wasn't until the final climb to the finish that a move by Trebon would last.  He attacked with about 3K to the finish and was successful taking the win.  My legs felt like lead at that point and all I could muster was to hang on to the wheel in front of me to finish 14th.

These are the kind of road races that drive me nuts.  No one seemed to work together, none of the "teams" seemed to be doing anything to establish a break, and no climbs to break up the peloton.  For a 60-mile race there at least needs to be one long or very steep climb.  It would just be nice to have something to make the race exciting.   Crap for that matter today was no different than the Tuesday night hammerfest, actually it was...the Tuesday night ride is free.   Oh well, life goes on.

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