Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crit and TT

Damn, I forgot how hard racing in a crit was.  Competing in my first crit of the season was both fun and hard as hell.  The constant bursts of acceleration combined with speeds of 30mph+ for 60 min. while your wheels are inches away from other wheels makes for some real action.

There is a local crit race every Tuesday night in Bend but I have not been able to attend any this season, so my crit skills were a little rusty so to speak.  However, I still had a good race and avoided any crashes...which fortunately there were none.  Here are the Results

Hold your line!

Leading the chase in the 2nd group. 

The TT this evening, as mentioned in my last post, was going to be used to gauge how hard to push it during the TT in the Cascade Cycling Classic.  The course is very similar, same course just shorter, and I DO NOT ever practice TT riding.  In fact, I do not have a TT bike.  I always feel like the outsider when I show up for a TT with my road bike and not even aero bars.  Yeah, I'm THAT guy.  Considering I only do 1-2 road races per year, there really is no reason for me to have a TT bike.  I mentioned earlier that the wind was minimal in teh morning, well that all changed for the TT.  It was blowing frickin' hard (~25-30mph) and it was kind of a cross wind; which I always think is the worst kind.  Even though I was only riding tempo, it still felt super hard with the wind.  I hope the legs feel better for tomorrow's road race, because they sure didn't feel that good during the TT tonight.

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