Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time to switch gears

We've been pretty fortunate here in Central Oregon with the weather during the fall.  I can only count the number of really bad days on 1 hand...and maybe just using 1 finger.  The colder temps mixed with sunny skies have made for some pretty epic riding days.  I haven't done a ride over 2 hours since September, but the time spent on the bike has been bliss.   However, all good things must come to an end.  And for Central Oregon, that looks to be this weekend.  While other states across the US have been getting their share of snow, our time has finally come. 
I will embrace this with open arms though.  Yes, it has been frickin' nice to be able to continue to ride on dirt with knobbies, but I am ready for a break from the bike.  It's time to refresh the mind and transition to my new favorite off-season conditioning sport...skate skiing.  I used to log many miles on the trainer/spin bike from December-February, but after learning how to skate ski I can't imagine doing that now. 
The next big bike ride I will be involved in will be Cross Nationals...as a spectator.  I tried to give 'cross a go this year but realized I don't have the mental focus to continue to ride my bike seriously beyond October.  More power to those who can.
Well enough chatter, it's time to get the skis waxed. 

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