Monday, September 20, 2010

A new cross venue with spirits

This past weekend was the Grand Opening of the new location for the Bend Distillery.  Now located off Hwy 20 in between Bend and Sisters.  Jim Bendis, owner of Bend Distillery, is an avid runner and always one to throw a good least so I hear.  So, for his Grand opening, he decided to host a cyclocross race (Men's Women's) and a cruiser race. 

He set up a 1k course that included 1 long straight away, a mud pit, a steep but short climb, and several little bxm-type burms.  To be honest the course was not very cross specific.  For one, their were no barriers or obstacles to run over, and second it seemed as though there were too many flat tires (at least 8 that I know of).  However, that doesn't mean I didn't think the course was fun and challenging...which it was both. 

With severall other big cross races going on the same weekend (StarCrossed in Seattle and Double Cross in Hood River) I didn't anticipate there being a big turnout for the race.  Considering that it was only 7 miles from Bend it was a great alternative for me.   As I began to get my race clothes on, the trio of Rocky Mountain riders showed up (Sheppard, Thompson, and Petersen) so I knew this wasn't going to be an easy race.  Race length was for 45 min.  Sheppard put the hammer down early with Thompson close behind, while Cody and I battled for 3rd an 4th.  After nearly 20 min. I suffered the first of 2 flats on the day.  With no wheel pit, I went back to my car to retrieve a spare wheel (which was actually my friends who decided not to race).  I jumped back in the race where I left off and realized that Ben Thompson had flatted shortly after me.  Then after 3-4 more laps it was Chris Sheppard who flatted (using tubular tires nonetheless).  So now it was Cody Petersen at the front and his race to lose.  He was using Stan's No Tubes and was fortunate not to suffer a flat and walked away with the victory and the $250 1st place prize (not bad for a $10 entry).

The best part about the race was afterwards all racers (21 and over) received a wrist band that was good for 5 Free Samples of the Bend Distillery spirits.  Good times!

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