Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Start of the Season

With the first race of the Nue Series this weekend (Cohutta 100), my season will officially begin. I was hoping to have at least two-three races under my legs before this race but needed to take care of some business with work which didn't allow this to happen. In any case, I feel like my training workouts are right where they should be and fitness has been improving slowly.
With a good field of riders showing, should make for a fast first race in the series. Looks like the weather should be ideal with temps in the 70's.
Traveling to the east coast for the majority of the races will definitely get old real quick. From Bend, there are no direct flights anywhere (a little exaggeration) and I seem to have scheduled most of my flights out of Portland, OR to save some cash. It's not the flying that bothers me, it's the length of layover time, and lack of nutritious meals available at the airports.
Bike is dialed. The only thing I am contemplating is which tires to run. Knobby or smooth?
Pics and a race report to come after the event by Tues or Wednesday next week.

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