Friday, April 10, 2009

Health/Nutrition Tip #2

Have you ever gone to your local grocery store, or local farmers' market and purchased produce? Great!
Now, have you spent all that money only to see the produce get too ripe before you are able to eat it all? Not good!
I love to eat lots of fruits and veggies and do not like to throw any of it away, especially considering how expensive produce can be. I have come across a product that YOU may already have heard of, or already use, that preserves your produce much longer...saving you money. Have you heard of Debbie Meyer Green Bags? You need to get them if you want fresh fruits and vegetables to last longer. I started using them last month and am sold.

These bags are made with a natural mineral called "Oya" that extends the life of produce by absorbing and removing the ethylene gases that cause natural deterioration. Best part about these bags is that they are re-usable up to 8-10 times. I can honestly say that my bananas last twice as long as before. I use them for almost all my produce (tomatoes, peppers, grapes, lettuce, etc)
Get em, try em, and let me know what you think.

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