Sunday, August 5, 2012

Heading to higher grounds

In just a few days, I will be embarking on a completely new experience.  I will be heading to Breckenridge, CO, which site at an elevation of 9600 ft., and competing in the Breck Epic.  The Breck Epic is now in it's 3rd year and offers a 3-day and 6-day option.  I am doing the 6-day race; which when it's all over I will have climbed over 37,000 ft (the same amount as the Tour of Utah...but on a mountain bike) and rode over 240 miles (all between 9600 - 12,000 ft elevation).  I have only competed in one other event above 8000ft.  (Brian Head Epic 100 in Utah).  Racing for one day at high elevation is one thing, but to repeat racing efforts for 6 days will certainly be a new challenge.

My home town, Bend, OR, sits at an elevation of only 3600 ft..  I've been told that in order to really benefit from living at elevation, you need to live at at least 5500 ft.  I have raced in five (5) multi-day MTB stage races (the longest being 9 days), so I am confident in my abilities to push myself for several days. The only question going into the Breck Epic will be if my lungs can withstand the lack of oxygen while trying to push myself like I normally do.  Day 1 will be a good gauge of how I respond, and will set the tone for the rest of the week.

Here is a You Tube video of what I can expect to see in a few days.

Stay tuned for race reports beginning Aug 12th.

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