Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Upcoming events

With the first "peak" of the season under my belt (Furious 3), it's time to focus on the 2nd half of the season. For the past few weeks I have been recovering and building back up for what should be a very busy few weeks.

The madness kicks off this weekend down in Jacksonville, OR, host of the Oregon XC and Super D Championships.  I will only be competing in the XC event; I'll let Adam Craig do his thing in the Super D.  Damn I wish I had his DH Skills.  The event is named the Stage Coach XC due to the location down in Jacksonville, OR.  Named Southern Oregon's first town in 1966, Jacksonville was later designated as a National  Historic Landmark.  Apparently, Jacksonville, OR was a gold-mining mecca in the mid-1850's.

After rippin' it down in one mining town, I head to Breckenridge, CO (another mining town) for my first attempt at high-altitude racing to compete in the Breck Epic.  Covering nearly 240 miles and ascending over 37,000 ft. might seem daunting, but then add in the fact that the race will occur at elevations between 9,600 and 12,000 ft. and it becomes horrific.  Beauuuuutiful!  We as athletes like to challenge ourselves, that's what keep us motivated and continuing to punish ourselves on a daily basis.  You definitely cannot get the same "euphoric high" sitting behind a desk typing away on a computer.

After driving home from the Breck, I have only a few days before shredding more dirt up in Washington State near Olympia, WA...that is if I still have any oxygen left in my body.  This used to be one of my favorite stomping grounds when I lived in Washington, so I am psyched to ride there again.  Always full of epic singletrack, the Capitol Forest 50 should be the icing on the cake as for the the racing in the month of August.

Stay tuned for race reports from each event and will hopefully share some video as well.

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