Monday, May 28, 2012

Sisters Stampede

A last minute change in my training plan had me heading over to Sisters, OR (25 min from Bend) to compete in the Sisters Stampede XC race.  The event was established 3 years ago in 2010 and has become one of the most popular (in  number of competitors) XC race in Oregon.  It draws riders from Portland, Grants Pass, Hood River, Bend, and some from out of state.

Decker leading a group of 7 of us

The course follows the popular Petersen Ridge Trail; which is a combination of singletrack, fireroads, some rock gardens, and constant turns.  With the recent rain, the trails were in perfect condition and made for very fast times.  We covered the 26 mile course in 1:30.  Without many long climbs (or many at all for that matter), and  constant rolling terrain it was a course to put it in the big ring and keep it there.  This also didn't allow for much recovery or time to coast, just constant pedaling the whole time.

With the usual leadout from a cowboy on a horse we were off to a fun day of racing.  A group of 7 of us were immediately separated from the rest of the field, and it would stay this way for about 30 min.  Thompson did the pacing on the first fireroad and upper singletrck section. Then once we hit the only significant climb on the
course, Sheppard made his signature move and attacked...nobody could follow.  The climb separated the group, with Sheppard off solo, Decker myself and Wodtli, then Thompson and Brandt.  The 3 of us exchanged pulls on the longest fireroad section of the course, and after about 20 min Decker and Wodtli began to open a gap on me.  I stayed within sight for most of the remainder of the race.  On the final two miles to the finish I was closing the gap a little on Wodtli but ran out of time to catch him.

Results:  PRO MEN

1.  Chris Sheppard                    1:26:43
2.  Carl Decker                         1:29:29
3.  Brennan Wodtli                    1:30:23
4.  Sloane Anderson                 1:30:42
5.  Ben Thompson                    1:31:39
6.  Brig Brandt                          1:32:52
7.  William Sullivan                    1:32:54
8.  Ross Brody                         1:32:55
9.  Matt Russell                        1:33:58
10.  James Williams                 1:34:06
11.  Cody Peterson                  1:34:11
12.  Marcus Benton                 1:34:18
13.  Nelson Snyder                  1:34:33
14.  Cary Miller                        1:36:43
15.  Bear Perrin                       1:38:31
16.  Timmy Evans                    1:38:40

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