Saturday, April 28, 2012

Whiskey Off-Road Crit...over before I knew it

The Pro Crit was held on Friday night as sort of a spectator highlight and to kick off the weekend of racing...and drinking.  Yes, lots of drinking going on this weekend.  Of course lots of electrolyte drinking on my behalf and lots of whiskey drinking along "Whiskey Row" downtown Prescott.  There was even a Watering Hole Challenge held last night.

The "Climb"

The crit was 20 min + 3 laps.  I lasted about 12 min. before getting pulled.  The course consisted of a steep 20% climb of about 3/4 mile followed by a descent back to the start/finish.  It was definitely much harder than I anticipated it being and certainly didn't expect to get pulled.  Having fast-twitch muscle fibers would have helped during this event.  It was all out anaerobic up the hill followed by a short recover down.

Photo: © Dave McElwaine/

By lap 3 it was clear I didn't have the power to stay with the lead group.  I slowly began to slide back along with many other riders who had gotten pulled as well.  The lead group of riders, including Sheppard, Decker, Kabush, JHK, and Cares drove the pace insanely fast as the pack separated.  Kabush eventually had the strongest legs of the night holding on for the victory.

Kona boys leading up the climb

Here are the Top 5 results from the Crit.

We have a day off on Saturday before the 50 mile XC race on Sunday.  This region of Arizona received lots of rain over the last few days, so the trails are in perfect condition and should make for some fast racing times.  Weather is expected to be in the mid-70's (phew).  Race begins at 8:30am. 

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