Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's on your playlist?

We've all got our favorite music that we like to play while riding the trainer, riding the spin bike at a Club, or while riding outdoors.  For me, I like to play certain music based on the type of ride that I will do for that particular workout, for instance intervals or high cadence drills. I'm not a huge fan of listening to music while riding (especially outdoors on the road, or on crowded trails), but when appropriate I think it can certainly help add some motivation.

I've seen many Bloggers post their favorite I-Pod playlist, so without further ado, here is mine.

Artist                                                          Song

DJ Tiesto                                                     Traffic
DJ Tiesto                                                     Adagio for Strings
DJ Tiesto and Diplo                                     C'mon
Lake & Lys                                                  Sloane (seriously... this IS the name of the song)
Swedish House Mafia                                  One
Green Day                                                   Welcome to Paradise
Metallica                                                      Holier Than Thou
Anthrax                                                        Bring The Noise
Iron Maiden                                                  Run to the Hills
Pennywise                                                    Bro Hymm
The Offspring                                               Gotta Get Away
Deadmau5                                                   Ghosts N Stuff

So there you have it.  This is what helps me get through a tough 1.5 hr workout whether indoors or outdoors.  Feel free to share your list of songs in the Comments section below.  I'm always open to some good music to help keep things fun and increase the HR.

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