Thursday, September 15, 2011

The season finale

The cycling season for most has already come to a close or is near it's end soon (of course unless you are a 'crosser...aka: cyclocross for those of you who don't know the slang).  For me it is within a few days.  On Saturday (9/17) the MTB Marathon National Championships will take place in Bend, OR.  Racers form all over the country are flocking to this small, hip, outdoorsy town once again.  Just two weeks ago "roadies" were invading our little town to compete in the Masters National Championships (you can read my Blog report on that here). 

It's been a long season but it's always a bit sad when it's over.  I am, however, looking to partake in other outdoor activities and do some high alpine camping.  Cross season has already begun locally and nationally, and kicks in high gear come November-January.  Cross-Vegas just happened yesterday which usually attracts many top 'cross racers. 

Since Masters Nationals I have taken things pretty easy as far as volume during training.  With only two weeks apart from each other I have been able to maintain the form while fine-tuning some of my intensity work.  My body feels well rested and my weight is right where I want it to be.  Controlling the nutrition is always key to keeping your form.  We've been fortunate to have been given lots of local fresh vegetables from friends and co-workers.  Keeping the fridge stocked with tasty, fresh, organic produce can be quite expensive.  Thank you all!  

The BMC is dialed and ready to go.  I made a few minor changes in the setup, but otherwise it is the same.  It's definitely not the lightest setup (25lbs) I could have, but I am opting for more durability.  Even though there are several miles of pavement and fireroad, there are also many rocks on the course.  The course distance is 52 miles, so I'm guessing the time to be around 4 hours to complete.  I was hoping we would get some much-needed rain this week, but mother nature has other plans.  Although the temperatures have dropped significantly in the past few days, the trails remain dry and dusty.  Start time on Saturday is at 9am, and the expected temperature at that time is supposed to be 45 degrees...whoa nilly!

With the Colorado duo of Wells and JHK (last years' winner), they have to be the early favorites.  So far, Wells has had his best season, taking the 2010 Cyclocross National Championship in December, the XC National Championship race in June, and then Leadville 100 in August while placing in the Top 10 at several World Cup XC races.  Alex Grant is also a threat as is Hall of Famer Dave Weins.  The local Bend riders looking to challenge for a podium spot include Adam Craig, Carl Decker, myself, Brig Brandt, and James Williams.  Here is the complete list of riders

Stay tuned for a full report on Sunday or Monday.

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