Monday, August 15, 2011

To do or not to do

That is what I have been pondering with this Race.  One of my favorite riding areas (Capitol Forest) down near Olympia, WA hosts a 50 and 100-mile race.  Now in it's 2nd year, the # of competitors speaks for itself.  If you enjoy riding singletrack, this is one of the best locations for that.  Pure bliss on hard packed dirt (with the occasional clay...well ok more than occasional) and roots.

Just look at the rider testimonial page and you will see there is not one bad thing mentioned about this race.  The race is nearly sold out, so I will have to decide soon if I am going to make the trip north to my old stomping grounds.  Who knows, I may even run into a few familiar faces as well...and give last years' winner Van some more competition.

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