Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stage 1 - Cascade Lakes RR

Stage 1 is the Queen Stage of the Cascade Cycling Classic.  Starting at the Wanoga Snow Park up towards Mt. Bachelor, the stage includes several rolling hills, one long climb, and lots of scenic views along the way.  The cascade mountain range (Three Sisters, Broken Top and Mt. bachelor) were picturesque with snow capped peaks combined with clear blue skies.

The race went well, however, I didn't stick to my plan.  There were no significant attacks until roughly mile 60, where about 6 riders got away.  The final 4.5 miles consists of lots of climbing and that is usually where the race is decided.  My plan was to be with the lead group up the climb and attack near the top.  Everything was going as planned and when we began to crest the top I bridged a small gap to 3 riders and instead of attacking I continued to ride at a tempo.  At this point I was feeling very good.  The final 3k is mostly flat with one right hand turn into the parking lot of Mt. Bachelor to the finish.   With the lead group all together turning into the parking lot, I knew I had no chance of winning a sprint.  So, I tried to attack immediately but wasn't able to accomplish anything.  So as riders began to sprint toward the finish, all I could do was hang on to the nearest wheel and settle for 12th.  A little dissapointing, but that's road racing.

One thing to point out...and probably the biggest reason why I don;t do many road races.  It seems every road race I do, there is always 1 rider who feels the need to tell you how to race.  I can understand big teams arguing with each other, but when most of us are racing individually, it cracks me up when I hear someone tell me what I should be doing.  Dude, I'll race the way I f_ _ k_ng want to race, worry about yourself.

Stage 2 is the TT this morning followed by the Crit in the afternoon.  I am planning to wear my helmet cam during the Crit, so stay tuned for some exciting video posted later this evening.

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