Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another cool video from the TSE

This unique video was taken from Jason Sager's (TeamJamis) bike.  It's from Stage 5 and during this stage there were 4 "mini-xc's".  The total mileage of the stage was only 28 miles, and each mini-xc lasted on 2-4 miles.  In between each mini-xc we all rode at a casual pace (usual for about 4-8 miles). The mini-xc's were each extremely technical and rocky that consisted of a short climb followed by mostly descending.  Each one lasted anywhere between 6-12 minutes. 
Sager had his Go Pro camera mounted behind his seatpost and it really gives you a great perspective of the intensity of each racer behind him.  Each mini-xc start was a mass start format and it was an all out (120%) effort.

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