Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Trans Rockies update

After pleading my case to the Trans Rockies President and UCI officials, it doesn't look good that the results will get corrected.  Myself and Mike McCalla were assessed a 1 hour penalty for supposedly not having our passports (badges) scanned at the start of Stage 3. 

Since I spoke to 2 UCI officials in the morning of Stage 3 to find out where to go to get my passport scanned, I thought I had done everything I needed to.  However, the race office only wrote my number down and said they didn't need to "scan" my passport, they said I was good to go.  So I am confused and frustrated. 

Lots more details to come and a whole lot of photos to share once I get back to town.  We are in the process of driving back from Canada and I definitely going to miss the scenery.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting how two riders from the USA were assessed penalties and no one else.