Friday, July 2, 2010


After a ridiculously long visit to the hospital last Sunday to have stitches in my knee, I am beginning to wonder how long this cut will take to recover from.  It has been nearly a week now and although the stitches seem to be healing well, there is still some pain/discomfort around the knee.  The scar appears to be clean and I have been applying neosporin daily to keep any contaminants out, but there is still some bruising around the kneecap.  I didn't have any x-rays taken yet, but if this continues into next week I will sure be getting an x-ray.

I have been spinning on the trainer the last few days and got out for an easy mountain bike ride yesterday, but I am not able to put full pressure on the pedals yet.  I'm not too concerned about losing any fitness at this point and it is a good time to take a week of recovery.  I'm hoping with enough rest that this will allow my body to be fresh and ready to ramp things up again next week in preparation for the Trans Rockies TR3 in just over 4 weeks.

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