Sunday, June 13, 2010

Poison Oak...

is eating me up.  After getting back home from the Return on the Jedi race, I realized I had been zapped by a poison oak tree.  I have never had poison ivy or oak so this is a new experience, and one I have not been enjoying. 

My right arm looks like it has 2nd degree burns all over it.  Oh yeah, and on top of that, it REALLY itches.  Take a look for yourself:

This is the worst of it, but I also have it on my knee and abdominal area.  I am on antibiotics so I am hoping that this will be gone soon.  I have heard some horrifying stories of others who had this, so I guess I can be glad that I only have it on my arm, knee and stomach.  :)

If you ever get this I would recommend that you don't take a hot shower, you will want to scratch until you bleed.  I'm not sure why, but warm/hot water just adds wood to the fire.

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