Monday, May 24, 2010

Threshold TT Test Results

Well unfortunately I wasn't able to get my Power Tap working and couldn't find a sole to loan me a hub to use for the test.  So, although the Test was successful in gauging my fitness I was only able to get HR data form it.  I did the test on a popular road in town, Skyliner Rd, which is a 10 mile road that leads to a dead end.  The road averages about 4% gradient and only has a max of 6%.  The road is utilized for many local TT races and even for the Cascade Cycling Classic TT Stage.  The road surface is not the greatest, but traffic is minimal and close to home.

Without much experience riding TT's, I'm not one to know how to properly pace myself.  Although I conserved some energy in the beginning (2-3 minutes) before dropping the hammer, I always seem to just about blow up after 15 minutes.  I don;t know the "sweep spot" at what point I can work hard enough yet still hold some fuel in the tank without running out of gas.  I will certainly be doing some more of this as preparation for the CCC Stage Race in July.

My results form the test are the following:
     20 Min TT Test
     179 Max HR
     167 Avg HR

These #'s will provide useful information nonetheless and help give me some accurate HR Zones to train from.  I hope to get my Power Tap working again soon so that I can find out how much wattage I am generating. 

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