Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Threshold Test

To gauge where my fitness is at I will be doing a 20 minute TT Test this week.  I am currently in a  recovery week so I have not done any hard efforts yet; trying to let the body recovery from the last few weeks of hard riding/racing.  My power tap hasn't been working lately so I am hoping that I can get it working by the time I do the test.  I will post the results from the power meter if I can get it working by then.
I am guessing that I will produce an avg of 320-350 watts for the 20 minute test.  If I do more than that I will be happy...if I do less than that I will be disappointed.

I'm not one to ride with an IPod in my ears very much, but you can be assurred I will have the tunes jammin', something fast and heavy.
How much watts can you produce in a 20 minute test?  Share your power data mates.

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