Friday, May 7, 2010

Bike Shops

I thought I would list my recommendations for local bike shops throughout the US.  In most cities, there are several shops to choose from and at times can get a little overwhelming.  You may be thinking how different can one shop be from another.  Trust me they area ll different in their own way.

While traveling across the US competing in bike races as well as living in different part of the country, I have had the opportunity to visit several bike shops.  Most of my experiences have been  very good, but I have had some unpleasant experiences as well.

I've decided to list my favorite (and recommended) bike shops to help those in search of a quality shop to make shopping for a bike/parts, or servicing a bike an enjoyable experience.  For each shop listed you are almost guaranteed to meet the owner/s of the shop during your visit, something I felt was valuable.
The bike shops are listed in no particular order and I tried to list one for each region of the country.

1.  Northeast - Pure Energy Cycling (
2.  Midwest - Roll: (
3.  Northwest - Pine Mountain Sports (
4.  Southwest - Oro Valley Bicycle (

The factors that I took into consideration when choosing my favorite shops were customer service, price point, location, quality of work (service), and turn-around time on tune-ups.  I'm sure their are many other great bike shops out there, and many of you will have you favorite shop/s for one reason or another.  However, if you are still in search of a shop or are near one of these shops during a vacation or your next bike race, I highly recommend you pay them visit.

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