Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hutch's Century Ride

I will keep this short and simple. Hutch's Annual Century ride begins and ends in Bend, OR. Heads out to Smith Rock (infamous rock climbing grounds) before heading to the very scenic area of the Prineville Reservoir and finally back in to town.

Each year roughly 50-100 riders show up, and each year the "ride" almost always has the "race" atmosphere. That's why it is such a great ride. It' one thing to go out and ride 10 miles with your friends, but it's another to go out and suffer with a bunch of your friends without having to worry about the final days results.

For many of us this ride is just another hard training ride that prepares us for the upcoming races. And for some it is the ride they look forward to all year because it gives them a chance to ride with the "fast guys". No matter your goal, it's all about having fun.

With warm temps and clear skies on Sunday, most of us had fun. Unfortunately, there did happen to be an accident a few miles after the first Aid Stop at Smith Rock. There was a section of road that had been graded and there was a rubber padding across the road. I'm not sure exactly what happened as I did not see it happen. It's almost inevitable, but with that many riders pushing hard tempos, the chance of a crash certainly increases.

The Aid Stops were fully loaded with all the goodies; including most fruit, energy bars, lots of sweets, and some Cytomax, and each was spaced about 30 miles apart.

Aid Stop #1 at the rock climbing mecca of Smith Rock.

Riding tempo on the windy flats between Smith Rock and the Prineville Reservoir

Photos of Prineville Reservoir will have to come during another post because the battery in my camera went dead just before we reached that area. It is such an amazing area for riding, as you have the river, steep climbs, mountains, and of course the Reservoir. If you are in town for the Cycling Classic Stage Race and are racing as a Pro/Cat 1 you will experience it first hand.

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