Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Road Trippin'

With the temps falling here in Bend, OR I couldn't have planned a better time to get out of dodge. The past few days has seen temperatures hovering in the 30-40's, with a mix of rain and snow. Just when most of us Bend'ites thought we could put the winter clothes away and break out the shorts, Mother Nature decided it wasn't quite time yet.
All will be forgotten soon as Jenny and I hit the road southwest to Arizona for a week of vacation and relaxation. We will be driving rather than flying. We decided to make the drive part of the fun and explore some areas we haven't been before. The first stop will be Lake Tahoe, and the other is Lee Vining (just 40 miles south of Tahoe near Mono Lake). We hope to make it to Buckeye, AZ (where my parents live) in two days.

I'll be taking the mountain bike along on the trip with plans to do some riding while in AZ but also will be stopping on the way home for two races. The first will be the Santa Ynez Dessert Classic (Kenda Cup Series) near Santa Barbara on Saturday April 10th, and on Sunday April 11th is the Napa Valley Dirt Classic up near Santa Rosa. Both will be fast XC races to welcome the legs to 2010 season.

Since I have not been riding the mountain bike for the past three weeks as a result of getting the bikes tuned up, I'm a little nervous how the handling skills will holdup. Fitness seems to be coming along good as I have been adding more high intensity rides to the training in preparation for the start of the season. I am still working out with the weights 1-2 days per week and will begin to limit that to just 1 day per week as May rolls around. I will also continue my core exercises 2-3 days per week throughout the season.

Check back soon for some photos of the trip down to AZ and back.

Thanks for reading!

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