Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Next on the Agenda

This coming weekend is round two of the Nue Series, the Mohican 100. I'm excited about this race because I have never ridden my bike in Ohio, let alone do a race, yet this is supposed to be one of the most challenging events in the Series.
Living in the west part of the country, Oregon, we are accustomed to having access to many a climbs. Now Ohio, you wouldn't think of climbing. However, the Mohican 100 has an elevation gain of 11,000 ft (comparable to many west coast 100 milers - Cream Puff has 18,000 ft), with the longest climb being only a mile. Over the course of 11,000+ feet of climbing there will be roughly 31.5 short but extremely steep hills to suffer up. Throw in a mixture of rocks, roots, stream crossings, and one giant loop and you have the making of a classic race. More reports on this race to come.
It's no wonder the race draws the top ultra-endurance competitors, even though the overall prize for the winner is a mere $475. It's not the cash we are all after, it's overcoming that internal challenge we place on ourselves to be successful...regardless of the outcome. Each year more and more of us cyclists are reaching to new heights to find that "limit" of how far we can push ourselves. Always looking for a new challenge...that's what REALLY makes competing enjoyable, even through the suffering.

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