Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taking the dog out for a walk

Well not really
I was finally able to get on one of the new bikes after seeing Mr. Brockman over at Therapeutic Associates for the fits. I have another identical bike with some lighter components (wheels, cranks, fork). The bike in this photo will be the "training" bike, and the "race" bike will be pretty damn sweet. That will be saved for the important races (NUE Series events).

I put on roughly 50 miles and can honestly say that I am very impressed with the stiffness of the frame and the dual linkage suspension. Even for the first ride it felt extremely plush, however, once I log some more miles and the suspension has time to break in I can expect an even smoother ride. Due to the geometry of the bike I was able to fit on a Medium frame...yes I said Medium. Being that I am 6' 1" I never dreamed that I would be riding a Medium.

I have my first race of the season this weekend down in Arkansas (Ouachita Challenge 80 mile) so I will have more feedback to share and hopefully some good pics of the event.

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